FL Series

Direct Lighting

Horizontal Light (90°)

By using these horizontally light will easily to indentify the edge of the object and detected any engraving, scratch or damage surface.

FL Series


FLsquare-roundroundroundtriangletriangle squareColor / roundExternal diameter / triangleEmitting Area

Detection Method

Detection Method


  • 1. Red, White, Blue, Green, UV, IR are all in available.
  • 2. Allowing to collocate diffuser ring for reflecting materials.
  • 3. Allowing to choose different sizes for the object.
  • 4. Allowing for strobe requirement.
  • 5. Standard models is available and accepting customize request.

Application examples

1. Slightly uneven or scratches surface and edge inspection.
2. Inspection wafers or glass substrates for scratches and stain.
3. Reading laser engraving.
4. Edge extraction inspection.
WQFN package IC


Diffusion Ring
Diffusion Ring

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